dense castables 

high density castables with a variety of strengths and temperature ratings with good dimensional stability.

duracast 1400 is a high strength castable for use in moderately severe conditions, also used for casting pre-fabricate pizza oven and diy ovens at home.

duracast 1600ar is a high temperature castable based on high purity chamotte blended with low iron, calcium aluminate cement. features high abrasion resistance and good strength throughout its temperature range.

duracast 1600tr is a high temperature, low iron castable with excellent resistance to abrasion. this material is suitable for patching applications. this product contains organic fibres for increased drying rates. this product was specifically designed for installation by trowelling. while it is also an excellent gunning material, it should not be used in overhead applications.

duracast 165lccf is a low cement castable, which has good strengths and dimensional stability.

duracast 1800ar is a high temperature, high strength castable with extra abrasion resistance for the most arduous of applications. with the addition of organic fibres for increased drying rates.


 insulation castables 


low density castable with light weights aggregates used for back linings, or hot face linings in mild conditions.

insulite 1100lw is an 1100°c grade insulating castable for backup linings, or as a hot face insulating lining in mild flame conditions.

insultie 1200lw is an economical 1200°c castable for use in non-reducing atmospheres.

insulite 1200mw shows excellent mechanical strength and abrasion resistance for an insulating castable. it can be used as either hot face insulation or as a backup lining behind dense castable in non-reducing atmospheres.

insulite 1400lw shows equally good properties as a backup lining or as hot face
insulation in mild flame conditions. it is used in high temperature insulating applications
such as chemical processing units and petrochemical heaters.

insulite 1400mw is intended for hot face insulation in mild flame conditions or as a backup lining where it exhibits good strength and volume stability.

insulite 1550, insulite 1500lccf, insulite 1800


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